Monday, January 20, 2014

Being a Published Author

I am now officially a published author! (Sort of.)

The final publication with my 2nd Place story inside. *Eee!*

Earlier this week, I received a nondescript brown paper package from Purdue University. Originally, I thought it was just left over stuff they were mailing because I am an alumni of the college.

But au contraire! I was mistaken.

Inside were two copies of the Portals contest entry winners and a letter apologizing for the late mailing of my copy. Almost two years later, my story "Grace" was published and released.

Officially, I can't find the book through its ISBN listings on the back:
ISBN 13: 978-1-259-19142-2
ISBN 10:  1-259-19412-4

 As is the case sometimes with school-specific printed materials, these items are not released to the general public and are probably not in anyone's library, save the school's or the winners, as in my case.

But it is a feeling of elation to see and know that my story that jumped from my teeming brain eventually made its way to publication.

My name on the "Contents" page. 
Overall though, it is only a small accomplishment in the grand scheme of things. I didn't win any money, but as other people who publish have told me: If you're in this to make money, get out of this field. 

Writing is about the act of creating and making something new. We shouldn't do it to make oodles of money. Most of us are never going to be J.K. Rowling. And if we do hit it big, I've heard that the average before making it big is about three-four published works before your name enters the general consciousness. 

Sure you are to get rejections every so often - maybe quite frequently. But rejections happen in life and you can't let them get you down. I submitted this story to Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, who promptly turned it down.
And seeing that there was a contest on campus, I tried my luck there, putting it in and getting 2nd Place.

I would also like to note that of all the short fiction entries that were submitted for publication, mine was the only one that made it in.


Perhaps I filled in all the proper paperwork. I don't know. But today I am celebrating my achievement.

There's my baby on the inside.
I was so enthusiastic about its being published that it renewed my hope in eventually publishing other things someday in the future. Today's is a short post, but the main message is to keep hoping and trying. Don't give up, because someday someone will publish your work. If it's not great, then go back and polish it up and try again; work it till it flows, persevere, and be tenacious.

Keep writing on!

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