Friday, January 17, 2014

Liar Pretends to be Writer, Hits Obstacles

Unfortunately, half the month is gone and I have not managed to write a single word of my would-be new novel, that will also, unfortunately, never see a publisher's desk.
But back to the falsehoods.
I said that I would write and keep up my Word Count Calendar, which has proved to be far more difficult to maintain than I had thought.
However, I have finished most of Robin Hood by the BBC whilst working on my knitting project, a sweater.
Richard Armitage is insanely distracting as the subversive Guy of Gisborne.
I know. Man candy is a much better distraction than staring a blank page and blinking cursor.

But no more excuses! 
Truth be told, the world according to me has been terribly bleak:
  • One of my presenters was fired from her job and would no longer be doing programs for me.
Thus, I had to cancel two of them on my already meek smattering of things to offer at the public library, including most of her already scheduled future programs. (Have I mentioned I work in a library? I do. And no, I don't get to read all that much. Terrible misnomer that.)
  • A certain position I was desperately hoping for did not come my way; again, the crushing defeat of not getting a job. (Still searching, nothing yet.) Yes, I did cry. Yes I blew my nose. And after about fifteen minutes of this, I sat myself down, bucked up, and started looking elsewhere. Nothing else to do but that.
And so here comes the truth of my blog:
I use this blog to showcase my writing skills, and occasionally discuss things that do not pertain to anything important at all. I desire to be a writer, a crafter of words and stories, and to talk to people by sharing with them news, current events, or things that maybe they just find useful. Perhaps I am talking to myself here, but at least I am trying, when so many others aren't or have given up.
Maybe I'm not a liar; but I am a procrastinator.

I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug the Grow Your Blog Event happening next weekend, which I am participating in. The deadline was January 14, but that doesn't mean you can't participate by supporting little blogs like mine, visiting, and subscribing! 
Blogs are a bit like the small businesses of the internet world, in relation to writing. We set our hopes out there, discuss things, participate, acknowledge and ponder what we see or talk about what we love.
So show a little blog love and support the Grow Your Blog event for 2014 by visiting the blogs that Vicki will post on her website. Remember to check back often for more information.

So thank you for reading and check out Grow Your Blog to support small blogs and dreamers everywhere.
In the meantime, I'll keep writing (trying to) and provide what I can about writing, life's inconsistencies, and the job market. Bleak and boring perhaps, but that is what I know best.

And in case you like Richard Armitage just like me, here are some shameless pictures of him looking gorgeous. Not too many, because this a (mostly) serious blog. Cheers!

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