Monday, January 27, 2014

Use Pinterest to help your writing

Pinterest has been an enormous help to me as a writer, even if I don't use it as a tool every second of the day.
When I need inspiration for characters, ideas, sometimes even settings, I pop open Pinterest and take a look at what it can offer me.

Writer's often run into road blocks, mental walls that grow from the ground up with monolithic proportions and growl downward at how puny we creative types think we are. I will stand craning my head back in awed terror and despair thinking

"I'm not going to be able to climb that"
in my itty bitty voice of doubt.

The murky interiors of my mind.

So here comes the fun part of Pinterest. Pushing up my sleeves, I stick my tongue out at the monolith of writer's block, and  jump on the net, typing things into Pin's little search bar, seeing what comes up. Some days I'll type in 'Sherlock' for a funny quote to unstick me.
Or I'll go to my board that I have specifically created for 'Heart of Stone'.

The board functions as a corkboard, as is the general idea for Pinterest. However, I use it for more than just inspiration.

Here is a selection of faces that I like to use for character reference, who either I think fits what my character looks like, or has a specific feature that I want to use when I draw potraits of what my characters look like. (My drawing skills are heinous and those sketches shall remain in a dark drawer, thank you.)

Lass Pedersen is the closest face I've ever seen to what my character 'Titan' looks like  - middle top male redhead.

Other pins function as interior design reference and inspiration pieces, that fit what I picture the place looks like.

Others still merely are cool pieces that capture the whimsy and tone of the place that I see in my head.
No section of my book has an overgrown room like this. But it would be pretty cool.

 And yet still I have architectural features that I have found that either are in my book and go along with the image, or that the image has inspired.

This piece captures the strange design features of the place I have written about, a castle on a cliff, with strange and ridiculous architectural features that were created more out of convenience than aesthetic or logical purpose.

Some are just straight up inspiration.

My board functions as a place where my creative inspirations and excess notes like to hang out and get to know one another. Other people have followed and liked my board. But more than that, I hope that they take the idea and use it for themselves. 
Laini Taylor, one of my favorite authors, has done basically the same thing with her board for Daughter of Smoke and Bone. If your favorite author has a Pinterest account that they have for fans to follow, follow them! They might have good interesting bits of inspiration for your own boards.

The thing about Pinterest is that its uses for pinning are only limited by your imagination. Business can use the board to hock products - and why not writers? Crafters and diyers, fashionistas, and everyone else uses Pinterest in a myriad of ways. I have 20+ boards that all function and are neatly organized for people's viewing pleasure.

I will continue to add pins and posts that help me to be inspired when the writing gets tough - like this last month. And when that monolith needs to be knocked over, I pop open my browser and take a look at my board to make my mind start working.

In reference to my participation in the Grow Your Blog 2024 event, I will be slowly visiting all the blogs on the list in the next few weeks. Remember to please subscribe! and stay tuned at the beginning of next month for a Word Count Calendar update!

Happy typing. 

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